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Office therapist

Employee of the month for a record-breaking year, Charlie "The Dood" has become the backbone of Manhas Design. Does he have a title? On file, he is our office therapist, but he has experience in everything from public relations to design.

Born into the business in 2019, Charlie quickly rose through the ranks. Starting as an emotional support intern, he quickly became our company mascot, eventually moving from reception to deliveries. Now, as a favorite among our local mailmen, he has become known for his unconditional love and hypoallergenic hugs. When he is not in the office, you can find him on a walk with the boss or at one of our many restaurants. Come see him in action. His hobbies include eating bacon, testing carpet samples for durability, and being an all-around good boy.

Accomplishments: Proficient in Excel and rolling over

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